Great Idea!!! Lets Have A Contest!!!!

The contest is whoever can come up with the best Murkyism word that sums up our site. Rules: You can’t use a already-made-up-by-Tom word and don’t be mean to others about their word they made also don’t make up mean words and finally add the definition of the word after the word ex: Stooky- Awesome. Prizes to be determined at a later date. Contest entries will end by end of June and winners announced sometime in July after public voting (that means you).


One Year Of Good Morning Sfs!!!

As of the month of June (because I don’t know the actual date) we will be CELEBRATING 1 STOOKY YEAR OF GOOD MORNING SFS!!!! Hopefully if possible I can get a special guest (hopefully fingers crossed, a celebrity) on our show!


Sorry that this has nothing to do with the site but I was so excited to tell everyone that I just wanted you to know! My older brother (just turned 27) IS HAVING A BABY WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!! I’M GOING TO BE AN UNCLE!!!! In other news about the site we will be having more interviews over the Summer because with no school there will be more time for them, so get ready starting around the beginning of June! I’m so happy!!!

New Program!

We are going to be starting a joke-of-the-day program on a new page we are putting up! You guys submit jokes and we show them! For example today’s joke of the day is: What do you call it when Batman goes to church? A Christian Bale!!! So submit your funniest jokes on our program and get your joke shown to all!