Hey guys! I know I have not been very active as I want to be. I feel I must tell you all that I am no longer going to run Good Morning SFs. Now don’t panic, the site is staying, it will just be under new management. I have submitted the reason why I am leaving on origamiyoda.com. I have no way of contact with other super folders ñot following this site except to submit. I feel the need to move on in life and letting this go is a good way to do so. Just tell me if you want to run this site (Tom gets first dibs if he would like). To whoever gets the site, I will tell you the ins and outs of running the site, etc.

For the (almost) final time,

origamiyodas (a.k.a. 0_Yoda)


2 thoughts on “Leaving?

  1. Hi origamiyodas! I’m SFCammy, and I’ve been a Superfolder for a couple years. Just browsing through the blogroll on Origami Yoda, seeing what is active. It makes me sad to see so many inactives. I’d definitely be here if you kept writing though. Let me know if you plan on ever coming back or commenting, okay? 🙂


  2. This is SF Origamigreivous and it pains me to see a good Superfolder become inactive. If you are serious about leaving this site than I would be more than happy to take over for you.


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